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Meet Robert

Robert Voelker-Morris The merging of technology and education is an exciting combination of interests for me personally and professionally. Over the years I have worked in both areas, and with my work at TEP I have been able to combine the two into my consultant position. I enjoy the ways in which my TEP work allows me to share my knowledge and experience as well as learning from all the wonderful colleagues at the UO.

My instructional background has included teaching Arts and Visual Literacy (AAD 251) both in the classroom and online since 2003. Additionally, in the past I have taught a 410/510 level Art and Media Literacy course for the Arts and Administration Program, co-taught the freshman seminar 'zines and Do It Yourself Democracy' with Doug Blandy, and facilitated a graduate level Research Proposal seminar, I have also guest lectured in Art and Gender (AAD 252), Art and Human Values (AAD 250), Visual Communication and Mass Media (J 204), and Research Methods (AAD 630). Currently, I have been co-teaching with my wife, Julie, a freshman seminar on Creative Collaboration for the Arts and Administration Program.

My background as a student involves a Masters degree in Arts and Administration with a concentration in museum studies at the UO, and a Bachelors degree in Art History from Oregon State University (and yes this does make my late November interesting). Of great interest to me as both an instructor and student are the topics of visual and media literacy, art history, photography, cinema studies, and digital media within the history of the arts.

The technology side of me has progressed from a personal interest in computer and html programming to museum digital preservation and then to the use of Instructional Technology. In 2003 I assisted in an Institute of Museum and Library Services National Leadership grant application, which was a collaboration between the Museum of Natural and Cultural History and University Libraries. It was a wonderful honor to take part in a project that was part digital archive, part educational programming, and part Northwest oral history preservation.

With my technology experiences I have found it easy to expand my professional and educational interest into Instructional Technology, including such areas as:

I was born and grew up in Eugene, and enjoy my time with the family-Julie, Isaac, and Elise-who all teach me something new each day.

Email me at rmorris1@uoregon.edu.