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Meet Ben

Ben Starlin As the advancement of technology marches onward, so too has developed its strong relationship with education. In an era where terms like "gigahertz" and "kilobytes" have become an integral part of daily life, I've maintained an interest in combining the skills from my original degree in Broadcast Theory & Criticism with that of my current work in Computer Science. The technicalities of computing need not be devoid of communicative skills, nor of admiration for those who form the cornerstone of human kind's betterment: Our teachers.

With a grandfather who taught here at Oregon, a mother serving as faculty at the University Of Arizona, and an uncle as faculty in the College of Education here at Oregon, I've a deep appreciation for the mission forwarded by The Teaching Effectiveness Program, and feel that technology should serve not to replace our tried and true methods of teaching, but rather to supplement and support those methods that have served us so well for so long.

Email me at bstarlin@uoregon.edu.