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Meet Carmel

Carmel OhmanHello! I’m Carmel, a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the UO English department, and I am delighted to be TEP’s Graduate Student Teacher-Scholar as of 2017. Having taught Composition at UO for the past two years, I’ve found satisfaction and meaning in learning how to better support my students as they reason through issues that matter to them. I’ve regularly turned to TEP for evidence-based resources on how to become a more effective teacher, and I’m pleased to be in a position to further TEP’s excellent work in promoting student engagement and critically reflective pedagogy across campus.

One of my main goals as Teacher-Scholar will be to support TEP’s commitment to questions of identity, difference, and power in the coming year. My scholarship and teaching have consistently taught me that identity matters, whether I’m researching multiethnic literatures of the United States or constructing a lesson plan to suit the strengths and experiences of a new cohort of UO students. The educators I admire most think mindfully about identity to minimize barriers to participation and to foster equitable learning environments, and I aim to bring such a lens to my work at TEP.

Email me at cohman@uoregon.edu

Learn more about my work at https://uoregon.academia.edu/CarmelOhman