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Upcoming Events

TEP's programming will start up again with our upcoming Fall 2016 Teacher Trainings (September 12-23, 2016). Register now!

Additionally, we hope you will be able to join us next academic year as we explore the topics of doing—enhancing students’ sense of the wide relevance of their studies—and asking—re-imagining what it means to induct undergraduates into a research university's culture of inquiry. Stay tuned!

New Programs

Do you teach a class of 150 students or more?

Join TEP’s Teaching Excellence Fellow, Dr. Sierra Dawson, from the UO Department of Human Physiology, for a chance to come together as a community—meet one another, share strategies, and get ideas for how to make the big classroom feel a bit smaller. See the community blog site Making the Big Class Feel Small for more information.

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Enroll now to enhance your professional development as a teacher with colleagues across campus! Take the initiative, earn a certificate of completion.
Learn more and sign up...

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Apply Now for 2016 Working Group on Active Teaching and Learning
We invite individual applications for the third year of our popular, funded faculty group that will revise one course taught by each member, enhancing its creativity, interactivity, rigor, and skill building in keeping with research on how people learn. [...]

TEP Invites Graduate Students to Enroll in New Teaching Development Initiative
How does one become a great teacher? At TEP, we believe that great teachers engage students in meaningful learning, reflect on how to improve their teaching, and inspire life-long changes in students’ habits of mind and action. [...]

TEP’s new Graduate Teaching Initiative (GTI) offers UO graduate students structured and rigorous, yet flexible, pathways to develop as college teachers. Those who complete a series of core requirements earn a certificate of completion: GTI students participate in individual- and small-group teaching consultations, draft a teaching portfolio, observe classes taught by faculty and peers, and attend various workshops and conversations on teaching. [...]

TEP Calls for Applicants for First Teaching Excellence Fellow
We’re delighted to invite applications from senior members of the faculty—both tenured faculty and senior instructors—for TEP’s first Teaching Excellence Fellowship, funded by the Tom and Carol Williams Fund for Undergraduate Education. The position will release one of UO’s distinguished teachers from three courses during the 2016 calendar year (across winter, spring, and fall terms) and provide a $2,500 dedicated programming budget. [...]

Welcome, New Faculty
TEP is here to support you as a teacher and help foster an imaginative, resourceful, and connected teaching culture at the University. [...]