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How do I make a lesson plan?

Ask yourself first what you want to accomplish during this particular class session. Students will walk in at X:00 and when they leave- what should they be able to do? What new knowledge should they have gained and be able to use and retain? What new skills will they have acquired and had a chance to practice and integrate?

Once you know clearly where you want to go with the class, then you can plan your lesson. Lay out a sequence of activities which will lead you to your goals. Put a timeline on each component of your plan and determine whether the time you have is sufficient to do or cover what you intend. Be realistic here. Allow for things not going like clockwork.

Incorporate your teaching philosophy into your plan. If you believe in active learning, do not plan a full period nonstop lecture. If you believe in students being accountable for their learning, plan opportunities for them to demonstrate that they understand and can apply what you have attempted to teach them. Keep in mind the interests and abilities of your students.

Look at the organization of your plan. Does it make sense? Are there clear transitions from one component to the next? Have you built in time for questions, misunderstandings, additional examples, demonstrations and illustrations to make your points clear? If you have planned a small group activity, have you given it enough time to produce positive outcomes?

Think about beginnings and endings. Does your lesson plan have a good hook? How can you effectively bring your students' attention to today's topic? Also think about how you will end the class. Plan to end a few minutes before dismissal and summarize what has been covered and learned. Begin the next class with a review of this.