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Evaluation of Teaching at the University of Oregon

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Teaching is evaluated at the University of Oregon for a variety of reasons, including promotion and tenure, contract renewal, and assignment of merit raises.  Because these applications are so important to the faculty member and the University, the evaluations must be carried out as fairly and in the most unbiased manner possible.  To this end, TEP has compiled this list of resources for evaluators and faculty being evaluated.

Each department has established procedures for the evaluation of teaching, available from the department or from the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs (OPAA) here.  While the exact procedures vary, the 2015-2018 Collective Bargaining Agreement between the University and the United Academics requires inclusion of certain common elements: peer review of teaching, student evaluations of teaching, and faculty self presentation.

The peer review of teaching has the potential to be an extremely valuable element in the teaching evaluation if the department as a whole has taken the time to define what good teaching means for them and has adopted a procedure that guides the reviewer to assess the faculty member’s teaching through that lens.  TEP has developed recommendations and rubrics intended to guide departments’ development of peer review procedures.

If you are evaluating teaching
, you may find it helpful to review: 

If your teaching is being evaluated, you may find it helpful to consult these resources when compiling your package: