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Building Your Survey

For the purposes of this survey, we are going to use the short answer/essay question type to solicit feedback from students.

    1. Go to the UO Canvas login page (

    2. Log in to Canvas using the first part of your UO email address for the Username(ex: tstark2) and the Password for your email account. Click on the Login button.

    3. In the Canvas User Dashboard screen locate the dropdown option entitled Courses and click on the name of the course you want to develop the survey for.

    4. Locate the Quizzes option in the main navigation menu bar (left side).

    5. Click on the +Quiz button in the upper right side of the screen. Note: You will be initially using the "Course Quiz" option to set up the Survey, but will be checking off an option to create the "quiz" to be automatically, and always, anonymous and results are not connected to an individual respondent (see step #7 below). Credit can be given for completion of a survey but not for individual answers to the questions posed.

    6. Type in a Name (required and we recommend to title the Survey something along the lines of "Midterm Assessment of Teaching") and Quiz Instructions for your survey. The instructions should explain the type of survey, the content covered, indicate the type of questions used, and give the approximate time it should take to complete the survey.

    7. For Quiz Type choose either "Graded Survey" or "Ungraded Survey" depending on whether you want to give credit or not for completion of the survey.

    8. IMPORTANT: To make sure the responses for a Survey are anonymous you will need to also check the box for "Keep Submissions Anonymous."

    9. For Assignment Group you can choose a predetermined "group" if you have one set up, such as "Surveys" or can leave it defaulted to "Assignments." (Note: The "Assignment Group" is the group Canvas uses for your gradebook organization and is the category of graded items you can use for options such as weighting grades.)

    10. Go through the Options selections to match your needs for the Survey. Most likely you will be using the defaults preset for you, but if you want to change things like Allowing Multiple Attempts and so on you can do that here.

    11. The Quiz Restrictions and Assign To should be left to the default settings.

    12. To make the Survey appear and disappear for student access you can set the Available From until dates and times using the Available From options.

    13. Now to start adding questions click on the Questions tab next to the Settings tab.

    14. On this screen click on the + New Question button for each question you want to add.

    15. Choose from the drop down menu next to the "Question" box the type of question you want to use. There are a good number of options here from multiple choice to essay/text entry questions.

    16. Type in the question text in the Question text box (such as "What is going well so far in this class?). If you choose a question type such as Multiple Choice or Multiple Answers you will need to add in the answer choices.

    17. Click on Update Question.

    18. Repeat steps #13-16 above for each question you want to add.

    19. If you are ready to publish (deploy) the Survey click on the Save and Publish button (lower right corner).

    20. If you are not ready to publish (deploy) the Survey click on the Save button (lower right corner). You will notice now that there is a message saying "This quiz is unpublished" and we will publish it after setting up the specific Survey questions. To return to the screens to edit the Survey Settings and/or Questions click on the Edit button in the upper right corner.

    21. Once the Survey has been Published it will show up under the Quizzes menu bar link.

    22. You can also add the Survey to a Module by going to the Module you want to add the Survey link to and clicking on the + button in the upper right area of that specific Module listing.

    23. A pop-up window will appear and from Add choose the Quiz option then click on the name of the Survey you want to add from the list (Note: You can start and add a New Quiz/Survey from this window too.).

    24. Click on Add Item.

    25. Once you have the Survey built see this page about preparing the students for giving constructive feedback.