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Preparing Students

Explain the Why and Ask for Constructive Feedback

Your students will respect your willingness to solicit their impressions of your teaching while there is still time in the term for you to respond to them.

For any open-ended questions, stress that you hope student comments will be specific, constructive and realistic. Remind students that useful comments are related to conditions and/or behaviors that

Give Step-by-Step Instructions for Accessing the Survey

You will need to let your students know how they will access the survey. For example:

  1. Go to the UO Canvas login page (

  2. Log in to Canvas using the first part of your UO email address for the Username(ex: tstark2) and the Password for your email account. Click on the Login button.

  3. In the Canvas User Dashboard screen locate the dropdown option entitled Courses and click on **THE NAME OF YOUR COURSE AS IT APPEARS IN CANVAS**.

  4. Click on the Quizzes link located along the left-hand side of your screen. Or access the Survey through the specific Module if it is only posted within a Course Module.

  5. Click on the "Midterm Assessment of Teaching" link and then click on "Take the Survey" button.

  6. Answer each question as completely as you can. Be sure to click the Submit Quiz button when you are finished.

Consider Giving Credit for Participation

Our experience indicates that assigning credit for completing the survey yields higher response rates.

Emphasize Anonymity

Students may be more willing to give you honest and constructive feedback when they feel confident that their answers will be anonymous. Explain to them that you will see that they received credit for completing the Survey in the online gradebook (important if you are giving credit) but that you cannot see what they have specifically answered for any of the questions.

We suggest giving students about a week to complete the online survey. Once students have completed the survey you'll access the results through Canvas.