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Midterm Feedback from Students

Receiving midterm feedback from students gives you an opportunity to receive important information about how your course is going before the end of the term, and allows you to make changes and improvements that may significantly enhance student learning. Midterm feedback needs to be solicited during weeks 4, 5, or 6 of the term, and feedback can be collected by using the Canvas online survey feature.

Three models:

I. Start/Stop/Continue

The instructor should stop….

The instructor should start…

The instructor should continue….

II. Another simple, direct option

What’s going well?

What could be improved?

III. A fuller set of questions to better prompt students toward specific feedback (please revise these to reflect your interests)

1. How is the class going overall? What’s working for you and what could be improved?

2. The group quizzes are meant to break up the lectures and give you a chance to work together on key concepts. Are these helpful? How about the weekly assignments? Did you feel well prepared for the midterm?

3. How are class presentations and lectures? Are they clear, i.e. easy or difficult to follow or understand? Are the Prezis or PowerPoint slides and video clips helpful? Do you have any suggestions for how to change or improve class presentations and lectures?

4. Any additional thoughts about the course you wish to share?

5. What steps could you take to improve your own learning in this course?

Thanks for your feedback—I’ll read this carefully and look forward to checking in with you about how we can make the second half of the term even more compelling. Congratulations on reaching Week Six

Using Canvas to Collect Midterm Feedback from Students

Canvas's Survey feature offers instructors the opportunity to gather anonymous feedback from students. The Teaching Effectiveness Program encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to receive course feedback which allows you to make changes and improvements that may significantly enhance student learning.

Additionally, consider using this feature to gather feedback at multiple points throughout the term.

The following pages contain step-by-step instructions that explain how you can create your survey, make it available to your students and access the results: