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Portable Computers and Projectors for Classrooms

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Portable computers and projectors are available from several units on campus.

The Center for Media and Educational Technologies (CMET)

CMET has several portable computer projection devices. In addition, CMET also has laptops available and operators who can deliver the hardware to your class and help you set up. Call them at 6-3091 to reserve the equipment, or visit the CMET website.

Colleges and departments

Most of the schools and colleges (Business, Journalism, AAA, Law, and Education) and some CAS departments (e.g. Physics, Computer Science) have projection hardware available for their own faculty. Check with your local computing support person or departmental office to find out what's available in your department.

Other Useful Information

In addition to a projector, you'll need a computer (with software appropriate to your particular application), a network connection, computer projection, a surface upon which to project (screen or wall), and adequate lighting control in your classroom. Wireless network connections are now routinely available in most classrooms; if you cannot access the wireless connection and also don't see a jack labeled "UOnet" in your classroom for an Ethernet connection, contact Network Services (541-346-4357) to find out if your classroom is wired.

There are two major types of projection systems available in UO classrooms: Crestron and Extron units. These systems are different in that the Crestron system runs through a digital touch panel, whereas the Extron systems are panels that run by the use of analogue switches. The Center for Media and Educational Technologies (CMET) offers tutorials and training for both systems (online tutorials can be accessed here).

One bit of general advice applies to any use of portable computer projection on campus: try it out in the classroom a few days before the first class where you'll be using it. Assembling all the various pieces in the room is the only way you can be sure that it will actually work in your environment.