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Successful Lectures with Computer Projection

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Check out the Classroom BEFORE you Present!

Is Network Access Necessary for the Presentation?

If your presentation involves connecting to the Internet (e.g. websites of interest, online videos, etc.) then you must have access to the UO's Internet connection, which requires that:

Basic Preparation

We cannot recommend strongly enough that you test your presentation ahead of time. Set up the equipment and run through the presentation as completely as you can, at least a day before your class. This will give you enough time to fix the problems that crop up during the test. Run the test in the classroom where you will be presenting, so you can test the network connection and the viewing suitability of that classroom.

Prepare a backup. If your presentation depends on certain files, make sure you make a second copy of these files.

If your presentation depends on Web pages, be prepared to run the presentation locally. You can do this by saving the web html pages to your computer with all the files that the Web page will reference in your presentation. For assistance in properly making copies of web pages visit the Center for Media and Educational Technologies Consulting group (CMET).

Walk around the classroom and view the presentation from different points in the classroom. Check to see that the image is clear and easily viewed from all angles of the room. Make sure the text is large enough for all to read. Are all font colors easily seen? Be aware that color blind students have trouble seeing certain colors. Check with your students to find out if any have vision problems.

On the day of your class, get to the classroom early to allow plenty of time to set up everything you need. Know who to contact and how if something isn't right and is beyond your ability to fix. Remember also to allow for time after the presentation set up and before the class starts to still have time to answer those normal individual student questions one gets before class.