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Instructional Technology Resources

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Hundreds of organizations exist to explore the uses of and increase the quality of instructional technology in higher education. These are among the most widely recognized and referenced.

The Sloan Consortium
"The Sloan Consortium is an institutional and professional leadership organization dedicated to integrating online education into the mainstream of higher education, helping institutions and individual educators improve the quality, scale, and breadth of education. Membership in the Sloan Consortium provides knowledge, practice, community, and direction for educators. Originally funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Sloan-C is now a non-profit, member sustained organization."

EDUCAUSE focuses on the use of information resources in higher education. It maintains on-going advocacy and educational programs, regular conferences, an award series and several alliance relationships.

Faculty Focus (Teaching with Technology tagged articles)
Faculty Focus puts out a free e-newsletter and various white papers about various teaching and learning topics. One of their main focus topic areas is "Teaching with Technology" which "isn’t just about staying current on the latest tools, it’s about knowing how to successfully incorporate the best tools into your teaching when and where it makes sense. This article series looks at the benefits of using technology, as well as potential stumbling blocks. You’ll also get an inside look at best practices for using technology to enhance teaching and learning – whether you teach in a traditional classroom or online."

Illinois Online Network
The Illinois Online Network (ION) "provides online faculty professional development courses for credit or CEU's, the Master Online Teacher certificate, on-site presentations, Faculty Summer Institutes, and more." One of ION's resources is their Online Teaching Activity Index, which is "a compilation of those activities to help instructors plan their online and hybrid courses" for senior high school and higher education.

Horizon's "mission is to inform educators about the challenges that they will face in a changing world and steps they can take to meet these challenges." Along Horizon's resources include workshops and seminars, conferences, presentations, and an archive to Innovate: Journal of Online Education.