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Performance Tips for the Lecture Hall: A Morning with John Schmor

Week 2:  Friday, April 11, 2014, 10:00-11:20am
282 Lillis
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Facilitator: John Schmor, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Theatre Arts

Can we re-claim the large class as a site of energy, fascination, and belonging for our students? Through our presentation of self and material, can we communicate to students that “being there live”—as opposed to, say, looking at presentation slides or even watching a video from home—matters? How and when do we lose the script and allow for impromptu moments? How do we project interest and confidence, even to the student in the back row? How can large-class teaching work for a variety of teaching personas?

Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Theatre Arts John Schmor will offer his answers to these questions and take the group through a series of acting and voice techniques that we may want to add to our teaching toolkits. Come prepared for a playful, participatory workshop that will get volunteers out of their seats, breaking the fourth wall, and considering the degree to which faculty and students together can reactivate the lecture hall.