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Duck In
Open your door, visit a class.
Build and celebrate our teaching community.

Week 7: Observations Monday to Thursday, May 15-18 (Click here to see the full listing of open classes and to claim your seat!)
Celebration and Discussion Friday, May 19, 10:00-noon, Knight Library Proctor 41

TEP invites participants for its first-ever Duck In week of faculty class visits across the curriculum. Would you be willing to open your classroom? This new program extends TEP’s mission to build a “connected campus-wide teaching culture,” creating a way for faculty to make a one-time offer of open seats, and for other faculty to claim them. Let’s break down some of the solitude around teaching and see and support each other in action. How does a colleague engage students? Break down a difficult concept? Address a topic of urgent social concern?

We’re currently seeking volunteers to open seats. Our next step will be to give colleagues a chance to register for those seats. If you’re willing to have a faculty colleague as a guest, please let us know here:

Then, Friday, at 2pm, we’ll have a reception for all participants to talk about the experience and reflect on inhabiting a student’s position.