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Science Literacy Teaching Journal Club

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The Science Teaching Journal Club invites you to participate in our seventh year of weekly gatherings! The journal club is a cooperative effort of the Teaching Engagement Program and the Science Literacy Program. Meetings feature lively, structured discussions across discipline and rank with periodic small-scale teaching experiments. Participants from all disciplines are invited to join the whole series or stop by for a specific conversation.

This group provides a wonderful space to learn about, discuss and develop new ideas about teaching.  This spring our theme will be evidence-based teaching in practice.  We will divide the term into two-week segments; in the first week of each segment we will read about and discuss a topic or technique, and in the second we will either try it out ourselves or talk with a guest who uses the technique in their own teaching.

We offer two journal club sessions to choose from each week; content will usually be the same for both. 

We will meet in 217 LISB (Lewis Integrative Sciences Building) at 9:00 am on Thursdays and 1:00 pm on Fridays.

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Week 1:

Transparent Teaching, Week A.  Equal access to college does not necessarily translate to equal probability of success.  What can we do to help level the playing field?  In the term’s first two-week segment, we will learn about transparent teaching methods, which can help all students succeed by explicitly stating goals and criteria that often remain implicit.  To prepare, please read:

Winkelmes, M. A., Bernacki, M., Butler, J., Zochowski, M., Golanics, J., & Weavil, K. H. (2016). A Teaching Intervention that Increases Underserved College Students' Success. Peer Review18(1/2), 31.


Berrett, D. (Sept. 21, 2015).  The Unwritten Rules of College. Chronicle of Higher Education

Week 2:

This week we continue our segment on Transparent Teaching.  Please bring with you to journal club paper copies of two assignments that you have given your students or that you have been assigned in a class. In addition, please read the guidelines for transparency from the UNLV website:

Transparent Assignment Template

Checklist for Designing a Transparent Assignment

Week 3:

This week we will focus on using storytelling in science to teach the nature of science, science content, and to build student interest in science courses. The Thursday session will read:

 Clough, M. P. (Sept. 29, 2010). The Story Behind the Science: Bringing Science and Scientists to Life in Post-Secondary Science Education. Science and Education

 To get a sense of the approach that the authors take and what they include, please also look over one of the stories at the following link:

 The Friday session will attend the workshop “Scientific Storytelling: Humanities Meets Science” led by Jennifer Yates from Ohio Wesleyan University. The workshop will be held in EMU Swindells Room from 1-2 PM.