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Fall 2016 Teacher Trainings (September 12-23, 2016)

Registration is required for these trainings: you can register yourself online here. Please email with any questions. There is no cost for these trainings.

Which session is best for me?

Graduate Teaching Fellows who are leading their first discussion sections should consider the “Basic Skills (Leading Discussion)” training.

GTFs who are scheduled to design and teach their own courses for the first time during the 2016-2017 academic year should consider the “Teaching for the First Time as the Sole Instructor” session.

GTFs and faculty who are new to online, hybrid, or large-class teaching, or who are looking for a refresher session, should consider "Getting Ready to Teach Online", and the two large-class sessions.

GTFs who are new international graduate student instructors during the 2016-2017 academic year should consider "Teaching in the U.S. for International Graduate Students."

Also see the listings below for the Center for Media and Educational Technologies' (CMET's) Canvas trainings for new faculty and graduate students.

Full descriptions:

Basic Teaching Skills (Leading a Discussion) - choose one date

September 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23 from 9am-3pm

Sept. 14, 15, 20, 22, 23 are in Allen 140; Sept. 21 session is in Allen 101.

Register here for Basic Teaching Skills

As you prepare to lead your first sections, we’ll outline strategies for leading rich class discussions, encouraging students to prepare and participate, managing your group, preparing for exams, responding to student work, promoting critical thinking, working within the context and goals of the larger course and with your faculty mentor, and inhabiting an intermediary role between student and professor--and all the potential (and potential pressure) that comes with that. We’ll consider how this teaching work will support your own academic professionalization, and how to make the most of it.

Teaching for the First Time as the Sole Instructor

Sept. 21 from 1:00-5:00pm
Anstett 195
Register here for Teaching for the First Time as the Sole Instructor


Now that you’re fully at the helm, we’ll discuss how to articulate and achieve your class goals, design and sequence assignments, facilitate discussion, build classroom community, and respond to student work. We’ll consider developing and remaining in tune with a teaching philosophy, melding your research and teaching identities, and gaining satisfaction from your teaching.

Getting Ready to Teach Online

Tuesday, September 20 from 9am-3pm
Anstett 195
Register here for Getting Ready to Teach Online

Planning to teach a fully online course, or redesigning a current course to include online units? In this session we’ll discuss how to articulate and achieve your class goals in an online environment, design an online activity for students to meet one of these goals, foster a sense of belonging and classroom community online, and examine the best technological tools for accomplishing all of this.

You’re welcome to join us if you’re exploring the option of online teaching and want to find out more.


Teaching Large Classes

Customized Consultations

Whether you are able to make time for the Teacher Trainings listed above or not, the Teaching Engagement Program offers one-on-one consultations to prepare you for teaching. We can help with syllabus preparation, lesson/lecture planning, grading decisions, workload issues, managing GTFs and any other questions and concerns. Please contact us, to arrange a consultation.

Teaching in the U.S. for International Graduate Students

Friday, September 16 from 1:30-4:00pm
Location: EMU Crater Lake Rooms
Register here for Teaching in the U.S. for International Graduate Students


This workshop provides an overview of the challenges international graduate student instructors may face in U.S. classroom and a chance to meet and network with fellow international graduate students. Topics covered will include strategies and techniques for teaching in U.S. university classrooms, overcoming cultural and language challenges, and accessing university resources. A panel of experienced graduate student instructors will be present to share their insights. Presented by Char Heitman, Robert Elliott, and Trish Pashby, American English Institute.


Canvas Trainings for New Faculty and Graduate Students

Location: Knight Libraries Proctor 41 and 42 Classrooms

Join UO's Center for Media and Educational Technologies to get started with Canvas, UO's Learning Management System for delivery of content in online, hybrid and face to face courses.


During these sessions, you'll learn: How to set up and run your course in Canvas! This will include the basics of adding course materials, creating assignments, organizing the course, and using the gradebook. Participants will leave with a good start on their course site and the knowledge to finish setting it up.

Bring your laptop! Note: we also have a few PC’s that we can loan for the workshop.

CMET will be hosting two workshops for Faculty who are new to Canvas. The workshops will be held on:

CMET will be hosting three workshops for GTF’s who are new to Canvas. The sessions will be followed by an open hands-on workshop where Canvas specialists will be on hand to provide anyone who wants one-on-one help and will be held on: