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Enriching Classroom Dialogue

Week 7:  Friday, May 18, 2018, 1:30-3:00pm
Global Scholars Hall Great Room (123)
Light Refreshments will be served.
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Join the faculty and graduate student teachers of UO’s Working Group on Classroom Dialogue to learn and practice proactive and responsive, in-the-moment strategies for enhancing student learning through discussion. How do instructors seek synthesis between openness and rigor, inclusion and respectfulness? How do they approach the both the risks and deep rewards of asking socially urgent questions and initiating dialogue that may destabilize students’ assumptions, especially in volatile and divisive national context?

We will consider both TEP advice and models from group members’ own teaching for how they frame—on the syllabus and early in a term—the purpose and parameters of class discussion, prepare for potentially challenging conversations, and help students learn from and through raw classroom exchanges. The award-winning theater troupe Rehearsals for Life will enact a scenario for the group’s analysis.

A Freedom of Expression Series Event hosted by the Graduate School, Rehearsals for Life, and TEP.