Apply now for the UO Summer Teaching Institute

Lee Rumbarger, April 17, 2019

The Office of the Provost, Teaching Engagement Program, and the UO Libraries invite you to participate in the second-ever UO Summer Teaching Institute, a banner event that will convene faculty for an intensive, four-day focus on teaching June 18-21, 2019.

The UO Summer Teaching Institute offers two ways to be involved:

(1) Core Skills Workshops

Dip in for one or more interactive, large-format workshops designed to build shared understanding of teaching practices that are inclusive, engaged, and research-led.

These workshops will be “Teaching Toward Inclusion and Belonging,” "Aligned Course Design,” “Research-Led Practices to ‘Activate’ a Class,” “Student Metacognition,” and “What Should be Different about Teaching at a Research University?”

Signal your interest in one of the core skills workshops here (we will have 15-20 spaces open in each workshop).

(2) Topical Pathways (particiaption comes with $1K stipend)

Participants selected for one of the topical pathways—teaching about difference, inequality, and agency; transformative core education; and teaching online—will receive $1,000 stipends to attend the core skills workshops and specialized sessions in their area. Redesign a course or develop a new one with the support of experienced colleagues and professional staff in an energizing, collegial environment. Participants will also be invited to join the Provost’s Teaching Academy at the successful conclusion of the program.

How to Participate

Note your interest in one of the core skills workshops here (we will have 15-20 spaces open in each workshop). Or, for the full Summer Institute experience, interested faculty are invited to submit a brief application for consideration for one of the stipended topical pathways (15 places are open in each, 30 total).

Application for: Teaching Difference, Inequality, and Agency pathway (15 spaces available) Join this pathway to discuss challenging and socially and intellectually urgent teaching and learning linked to UO's new undergraduate United States: Difference Inequality, Agency and Global Perspectives requirements.

Application for: Transformative Core Education pathway (20 places available, up to six for Clark Honors College faculty). Join this pathway to learn strategies for teaching key transferrable skills of a liberal arts education, working with students who resist taking required courses, and boosting student learning through the incorporation of “high impact” practices and pedagogies.

Application for: Teaching Online pathway (in addition to 20 spaces allocated based on student success priorities, 5 spaces are open to interested faculty campus wide). Join this pathway to learn the building blocks for high-quality online courses, begin developing your own online course, and connect to a support structure that will take you from planning through delivery and revision.

Applications are due Monday, May 13. This opportunity is for both tenure related and career faculty.

Questions? Contact