Contract Grading Information Session

Friday, October 26, 2018, 1:00-2:00pm
EMU 119 Diamond Lake Room
Refreshments served

Interested in a new way to approach grades and grading? The UO Composition Program invites faculty across campus to join it in piloting grading contracts as an alternative form of assessment. The pilots will take place in winter and/or spring terms.

A grading contract is an assessment tool that resists the traditional use of grades for individual assignments. Judgments about “quality” are decoupled from letters, points, and percentages. The Composition Program has adapted contracts Asao B. Inoue presents in his Antiracist Writing Assessment Ecologies; using these contracts, students receive an end-of-course grade based primarily on the number of assignments they produce or the processes they engage in to produce those assignments.

We are interested in learning more about students' and teachers' experience with contract grading and in critically considering the conventions of the contract and how they articulate with teaching values at UO.

Join us to learn more and consider the possibility of a supported pilot in your own course.

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