UO Teaching Awards

CAIT Fellowships

The Teaching Engagement Program offers competitively awarded and funded fellows positions in its learning and leadership communities (CAITS). These small groups investigate topics of importance to UO’s teaching and learning culture from both pedagogical and institutional change perspectives.  

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Center for Undergraduate Research and Engagement Mentor Awards

These awards recognize outstanding faculty for their contribution to mentoring students in research and incorporating research into the classroom. Winners are given a framed plaque as well as a $2,400 prize.

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Distinguished Teaching Awards

Each year the University of Oregon recognizes a select group of faculty for excellence in teaching. Nominations come from faculty, students, and staff. The Distinguished Teaching Awards committee awards one Herman Award for Faculty Achievement and one Ersted Award for Distinguished Teaching annually. Three additional faculty are recognized for Specialized Pedagogy, and one receives the Herman Award for Outstanding Online Education. These awards come with generous stipends, some awarded one time, some distributed annually throughout recipients’ teaching careers.

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Faculty Excellence in Universal Design Award

Excellence in Universal Design involves the development of flexible curriculum and instruction to ensure equity and access for all learners. The Accessible Education Center offers this $1,000 each year.

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Sustainability Award for Teaching Excellence

The award recognizes faculty for the creative integration of principles of environmental, social, and economic sustainability through innovative curriculum design and instruction and for teaching and mentorship that inspires student engagement in sustainability projects on campus or beyond. Recipients are honored with a plaque and video about their teaching at a reception and dinner.

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Tykeson Teaching Awards

The Tykeson Teaching Awards are presented every year to one faculty member in each division of the College of Arts and Sciences: the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. Recipients are recognized for their excellence in teaching and receive a certificate and $2,500 cash prize. The awards began in spring 2015.

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Williams Fund

The Tom and Carol Williams Fund awards both fellowships and instructional grants each year.

Fellows are excellent teachers and have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to undergraduate education by challenging their students academically, creating an engaged and inclusive learning environment, striving to improve the learning process, and fostering interdepartmental collaboration. They receive a $5,000 award; a separate $5,000 award is given to the recipient's department, supervised by the recipient, to affect tangibly the teaching and learning experience of undergraduates in the department.

Instructional grants are awarded each year to individuals or groups based on proposals that allow teachers the opportunity to renew, broaden, restructure, or develop classes and curricula that actively engage students in the learning process.

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Undergraduate Advising Award

Excellent advisors foster personal and professional student growth by upholding the integrity of UO, cultivating academic excellence, providing outstanding student support, demonstrating an understanding of the cultural factors that impact student success and development, and engaging in professional development. Any faculty member who advises students in addition to other teaching and/or research responsibilities is eligible for this $2,000 award, which is presented each year.

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Kimble First-Year Teaching Award (for graduate students)

The Kimble First-Year Teaching Award, named in honor of professor emeritus Dan Kimble, is jointly sponsored by the Office of the Provost, the Graduate School, and the Division of Undergraduate Studies, and administered by the Teaching Engagement Program. The award recognizes outstanding teaching by graduate student instructors who have demonstrated a commitment to professional development and reflective practice. The annual prizes typically are awarded to one first-time lab or discussion section leader and to one first-time sole instructor. 

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