GE Day of Teaching

August 22, 2018.

If you’re a new-to-teaching graduate student, we hope that you'll join us for UO's first-ever GE Day of Teaching, Wednesday, September 19, 2018.

Faculty, please encourage your students to participate.

In the morning from 9-10:20am, students can attend a session designed and led by the Office of the Dean of Students called “Understanding and Managing Conflicts with Students”; later, from 10:30-noon, UO Libraries Center for Media and Educational Technologies will host a Canvas Overview (Canvas is UO’s online Learning Management System).

In the afternoon from 1-5pm, the Teaching Engagement Program and Provost's Teaching Academy Advisory Board will facilitate several Leading Labs and Leading Discussion Sections small-group sessions for first-time teachers covering topics like encouraging students to prepare and participate, managing your group, responding to student work, and teaching in teams.

Then we’ll bring all the groups together for a large-format advice and strategy session including experienced GEs.

The event is a collaboration between the Graduate School and Office of the Provost.

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