Getting More from the Peer Review of Teaching

Finals week: Wednesday, Dec. 11
10:00-11:30 a.m.
Knight Library Browsing Room

Ensuring that multiple perspectives on teaching—students’ feedback on their learning experiences, instructor reflections, and peer review by colleagues—are used in evaluation has been a guiding principle of significant recent changes to UO’s teaching evaluation practices. But many faculty members and departments have expressed dissatisfaction with their culture of peer review, noting that peer reviews can feel rushed, or like missed opportunities to actually improve teaching, strengthen collegial connections, and provide substantive information for evaluation. This session, led by Sierra Dawson, Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, and Lee Rumbarger, Assistant Vice Provost for Teaching Engagement, will help instructors troubleshoot common challenges, share concrete tools and solutions, and better prepare participants to give rich, actionable feedback. 

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