Teaching Evaluation System

UO's Current Evaluation System, Including New, Senate-legislated Instruments

Each department has established procedures for the evaluation of teaching, available from the department or from the department & unit policy library. While the exact procedures vary, the 2015-2018 Collective Bargaining Agreement between the university and the United Academics requires inclusion of certain common elements: peer review of teaching, student feedback on teaching, and faculty self presentation.

In addition, TEP recommends that academic units establish a shared definition of “teaching excellence” to support faculty development and transparency about what evaluators are looking for. This kind of strong foundation is a key aspect of the proposed Continuous Improvement and Evaluation of Teaching System.

TEP’s What is Teaching Excellence? can be a foundation for unit-level discussion and can be adapted in a way that resonates with discipline-specific contexts and research on student learning.

TEP’s 2018-19 faculty learning and leadership community (CAIT) on Teaching Excellence and Evaluation will help strengthen and revise this as a model framework for evaluation from each fellow’s disciplinary perspective.