UO’s New Core Education: Teaching Our Methods of Inquiry; Difference Inequality and Agency; and Global Perspectives Courses

Friday, January 25
10-11:30am, Gerlinger Alumni Lounge

UO is preparing to enact changes to its general education program—changes that establish a stronger, coherent “core” by building key skills in writing, critical and creative thinking, and ethical reasoning across courses in the natural and social sciences and humanities. These four skill areas are called “methods of inquiry.”

The UO Senate had withdrawn the current multicultural requirement, replacing it with two more clearly defined categories of courses that ensure students have a chance to use the tools of the disciplines to analyze inequality in the United States and abroad and widen their perspectives to consider global contexts, issues, and cultural production.

We invite faculty to come together to learn about these changes effective Fall 2019, including the process for course approval based on these changes. Then we will guide participants though small-group brainstorming to develop transparent assignments for each of the four methods of inquiry and for DIA and GP courses. Participants will leave prepared to provide specific references to readings and assignments that address the criteria and outcomes for their areas of inquiry required by the University Committee on Courses for course approval.

This workshop is open to all interested faculty but is especially targeted at faculty who plan to put their courses up for review this academic year.

Register at: https://uomytrack.pageuppeople.com/learning/2583